Cuebi Light, a wireless tally light via WiFi (set of 4)


The easiest wireless tally solution available today!

Introducing Cuebi Light, a wireless tally light via WiFi. Works with Blackmagic ATEM, NewTek TriCaster, vMix, Roland Smart Tally, Ross Video, Panasonic, Streamstar and most broadcast control systems. Cuebi Light is small, light and fits on any camera

Small:Cuebi Light is no bigger than a pack of matches and it looks awesome on any camera.

Light:Weighing only 10gr, Cuebi Light will not limit your movement.

Easy:Cuebi Light slides right into a camera’s accessory-shoe, and connects with the switcher via WiFi.

Wifi:Cuebi Light is 100% IP-based and connects over a standard WiFi network to a switcher.


Blackmagic ATEM, NewTek TriCaster, Roland Smart Tally, vMix, Ross Video, Panasonic, Streamstar and any broadcast system supporting the TSL UMD v3.1 or v5.0 protocol.