Reckeen 3DSPro 4K, 12G-SDI Virtual Studio Workstation


Please NOTE this is a special order item. Takes between 2-3 weeks to receive. 

An advanced trackless 3D virtual studio workstation for professional broadcasters who value versatility, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

RECKEEN 3DSPro is an all-rounded product that will cover your broadcasting needs – starting from creating and designing your virtual scenography, through producing your 3D TV content, to mixing and broadcasting the material in real-time.

RECKEEN 3DSPro system is equipped with virtual cameras, which give you freedom to move around the whole virtual set at any angle without limitations, imitating a camera crane and cameraman’s natural movements; unlike in 2D solutions, where that movement is limited to only zoom in and out, and left to right.


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