Reckeen Virtual LITE Studio 4K With 4XHDMI Inputs Card


This 2-dimensional, 4K, high quality system is the most all-rounded and affordable virtual studio workstation on the market. Easy-to-use software, automation features, editors – those are just a few reasons why RECKEEN LITE is perfect for all creatives who want to produce visually satisfying, interesting and professional-looking TV content, online courses, training videos, and more.

The system is compatible with other devices such as: switchers, production systems, any cameras, and more.
Do you already work on a green screen and/or own other systems that you are happy with? Great! – RECKEEN can work not only as a stand-alone workstation, but also as a supplementary module to other equipment – expand your working environment with new possibilities!

Please NOTE this is a special order item. Takes between 2-3 weeks to receive.